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Strategic Marketing and Business Communications/Development

Like human DNA, every business and organization have different goals, objectives and missions. The Boyer Group works with its partners to create a customized marketing and business engagement plan that supports your financial and operations goals. We know you want to see results as soon as possible, so we will build this out efficiently, with your input, and begin making it come to life soon after our engagement with you begins. Everything we do with you from the planning to execution will be thought out and strategized to maximize impact. 

Media and Public Relations Management

One of the most impactful ways to tell your organization’s story is through the media. This work has evolved over the years and there are more mediums than ever to spread your message: blogs, op-eds, podcasts, television, radio, newspapers (print and online), trade publications, social media and many more. The Boyer Group works with you to create compelling content and stories that maximize your chance for story placements in various forms of media. Once your story is picked up by a media outlet, our job has just begun. We will leverage this “hit” to drive trends related to your work, post through social media and on website, share with community partners, highlight your services and build business development and revenue opportunities.

Digital Marketing/Social Media

Digital and social media aren’t simply posting a message on Twitter and hoping for the best. They are a cost-effective, results-driven strategy that ties closely to your website, e-newsletters, video blogs and other integrated platforms that build your brand. The Boyer Group works with you to ensure messaging is on point, that you are utilizing the correct social media channels, tagging the right people, building your followers, ensuring the right imagery and text is used and positioning you and your organization as an influencer. 

Brand and Graphics Design

A logo is just a graphic. We work with you to make it a brand that is memorable, compelling and aligned with your business goals. Before we even begin to create a logo/brand for you, we sit down, listen and truly understand the images you want to portray to your key audiences. This saves time during the logo creation process and since brands are often subjective, we partner with you to ensure your entire organization is bought in on the brand because they are the ones that live it each day. Our experts also ensure that your brand represents your interests through multiple channels including social media, website, business cards, stationary, signage and any other channel where your brand is visible. Services include:
•    Logo Design
•    Print Design/Publishing
•    Advertising design
•    Sales kits


Creating a podcast is another new, innovative way to engage your partners, drive business development and revenue and tell your story to the world. Podcasts allow you to create content and a platform valuable to key audiences that impact your mission and bottom line. If you’re not sure where to start, The Boyer Group is here to support your efforts. Millions of people listen to podcasts, so let us help you build this channel. Services include:
•    Complete podcast set-up and training
•    Content creation and editing
•    Distribution
•    Hosting Consult
•    Equipment Consult
•    Monthly Consult

Event and Program Management

Events and programs are vital touchpoints for you to reach your audiences and convey your message, brand and image. For many organizations that don’t have tangible products, an event is a key way to show value to stakeholders. Events take up a lot of time and resources. Let us ease the process for you so you can focus on running your business while we ensure you build relationships and revenue opportunities. Event and program services include: 
•    Event planning and management: galas, conferences, seminars, festivals, annual meetings
•    Sponsorship opportunities and packages 
•    Fundraising and development 
•    Virtual/online events 

Writing and Editing

Everything we do as part of our partnership involves extensive writing and editing key to telling your story and promoting your message. Our editorial team, which includes former newspaper journalists, works with you to create content for media outreach, website, social media, editorials, speechwriting, ad copy and newsletters, among other channels, that clearly and concisely reach your audiences and highlight your work as different from your competition. Don’t get bogged down in editorial content. Let us generate and/or edit content while you build your business and bottom line. 

Leadership Marketing and Communications

Is your CEO or leadership team the main face of your organization? Do you have a board with very high expectations, and you want them leaving meetings energized and bought into your direction? Let The Boyer Group help. We’ll position your leadership as thought leaders and influencers in your industry. We’ll work with you to identify appropriate messaging, speaking engagements and effective presentations enticing people to learn more about your business and seeking guidance from your CEO and leadership team. You’re the experts at what you do, but that only has impact if people know about it. We’ll work with your leadership team on speechwriting, social media, blogging, media opportunities and other work that differentiates you from others. Whether you’re comfortable being “out there” in the public or you’re hesitant and too busy, we’ll work within your parameters to maximize your visibility and brand. 

Video Production

Video work and production can be costly and time consuming but could be essential to bringing your brand to life and engaging the partners that impact your business and revenue needs. The Boyer Group’s video work supports everything else we do in marketing and business: telling your story to the world and identifying the channels and audiences that need to see and hear your message. We’ll work with you from planning to execution of your video. Services include: 
•    Strategic messaging
•    Media coaching
•    Content-marketing
•    Content treatment/storyboarding
•    Executive producing
•    Video editing
•    Videography
•    On-camera talent
•    Motion graphics
•    Podcasting

Website Development

We look at your website as not only a place for viewers to learn about your business, but as a B2B commerce platform that drives prospects and business to your organization. If you’re looking to build a site from scratch, refresh an existing site or simply need more compelling content than what currently exists, The Boyer Group can help. When someone visits your website, you have one chance to engage them and ensure they return or seek out opportunities with you. Let us help you through the following services:
•    Website content creation and editing
•    Website builders and content management systems
•    Website and social media advertising
•    Website and mobile design

Glass Buildings

Eric Galvin, President, ConnectiCare

I’ve worked with Brian Boyer on several occasions over the past few years. He’s a professional offering creative ideas to integrate business goals into promotional efforts. His collaborative style and dedication make him a great marketing partner.

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