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If you have questions, we have answers, and if you don’t see a question you have about The Boyer Group, you can contact Founder and CEO Brian Boyer directly at or 860-960-7525. 

1) Why would I want or need to engage The Boyer Group’s services? 

If you’re looking to build your brand, tell your story, develop business opportunities and let the world know who you are and what you do, The Boyer Group is for you. Our innovative, integrated approach to marketing and business, along with the high value we place on relationships, positions you for success. You are not a client, you are a partner, and Founder and CEO Brian Boyer works with you to strategize and execute a customized plan built solely for your goals and objectives. You want results for your business, and so do we. We’re eager to get started with you.

2) How will I know The Boyer Group will learn my business from the inside and out to help achieve my goals and objectives?

When we have our first meeting, we will listen and learn your story.  We will ask questions of your team to better understand your strategy, mission, culture, and operations. In addition, we will conduct research on your industry, offer marketing and business best practices and constantly communicate with you as our partnership evolves. We also offer a thorough marketing and business intake process to clearly understand your work and style, so we can start to deliver for you immediately while ensuring we are aligned from the moment we formalize our partnership.

3) If I decide to partner with The Boyer Group, with whom will I work?

Every partner works directly with Founder and CEO Brian Boyer. He takes great pride in building relationships with your team and would not have it any other way. In addition, Brian has formed a team of experts with whom he has worked for an average of 10 years and offer significant insight and expertise in a variety of areas that are vital to your business. We believe in top quality work, high energy, ethical operations, interpersonal relationships and a results-driven culture. Our team reflects these important values.

4) How much time will The Boyer Group need from me during our partnership?

We believe our partnership with you is about balance, and we’re here to enhance the way you do business and make your life easier. We’re also very open and transparent in the work we do, and we prefer to avoid surprises for our partners. That said, we will work with you and your team from the very beginning to determine a schedule that is efficient, productive and actionable. We’ll set an agenda prior to the meeting and create action items and summary post meeting to continue our momentum until our next interaction. 

5) How will we measure success with The Boyer Group? 

At the very beginning of our partnership, we will identify key performance indicators with you to ensure expectations are aligned and that we meet and exceed our goals. Along our journey as partners, we will monitor performance and results regularly, which will drive updates to our strategy, planning and forecasting. All the metrics we identify will be defined, measurable and vital to your bottom line. 

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Stacey Brown, Founder, InsurTech Hartford

I was completely amazed at how quickly The Boyer Group was able to learn and understand our business and apply that knowledge to get real results. I will definitely use them again.

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